Queens Criminal Defense Lawyer 

Queens Criminal Defense Lawyer

Looking for highly effective and respected Queens, NY criminal defense lawyer to defend you in court? Talk to the experienced lawyers at the criminal defense team at the Law Office of John A. Scarpa, Jr.

As you know, the United States constitution guarantees everybody a fair trial, and assumes all accused persons are innocent until proven guilty. If you are facing criminal charges, you need a experienced criminal defense lawyer at your side. At our firm we hire only the best and brightest defense attorneys that have proven their intimate knowledge of the NY legal system time and time again.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our criminal defense lawyers located centrally in Kew Gardens, NY have dealt with virtually every kind of defendant and virtually every type of crime. When you hire an experienced defense attorney like us, you can feel secure that you are hiring an lawyer who will use all the precedents and legal statutes available to argue on your behalf.

Don't Be Your Own Criminal Defense Attorney

Of course, there are criminal defendants who choose to defend themselves, but at our firm we know that if you want results, you need legal masters to handle every detail of your case. Think about it for a moment, does it make sense to attempt to defend yourself in a criminal matter?  Of course not, not if it means steep fines or worse jail time. Why would you do that. don't rely on the public defenders either, like virtually all of of the public employees in the Queens NY legal system, they are over worked and may not give your case the attention that it deserves.

So if you are looking for a reliable, proven, and well-respected criminal defense lawyer to represent your interests in court, and make sure you are given every chance to avoid jail time or major fines, you should work with us at the Law Office of John A. Scarpa, Jr. We're standing by, ready to help defend you. 


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